World’s Richest Men In 2016

worlds richest men in 2016After the controversial report that found the concentration U $ 1.7 trillion in the hands of the 85 richest people on the planet (the same wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest people in the world) released in January 2014. The Forbes announces its list of 2016 with some changes positions in the Top 10. with three new additions, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg. In this edition, the magazine saw a billionaires input record. There were 290 new names, of which 71 come from China. In total, we recorded 1,826 billionaires with assets plus U $ 7.05 trillion. This is more than 13 times greater than the first Forbes list in 1987 when there was only 140 billionaires in 24 countries worldwide.
Check out the update:

David Koch – US $ 39.6 billion (US) – Koch Industries

David and his brother control the holding company that became one of the largest companies of closed capital of the world, with annual revenues above 100 billion. He and his brother, Charles Koch (9th), holds each 42% of Koch Industries, which Charles is the president, and David is the vice, so the family controls the various sectors active in the industry of manufacturing, trade and investment employing over 70,000 people across the planet.

Charles Koch – US $ 39.6 billion (US) – Koch Industries

Charles is one of the brothers, mega entrepreneurs, the US industry. 79, is president of one of the 10 largest private companies there. Koch Industries is a holding company that operates in the asphalt sector, commodity, energy, fertilizer, fiber, finance, gas, mineral, paper, petroleum, plastics and chemicals. His performance in front of the company, has been elected one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine and 41st most powerful person in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2012.

Michael Bloomberg – US $ 40 billion (US) – Bloomberg LP

Currently 74 years old, Michael is CEO and founder of Bloomberg communications conglomerate. The company distributes information and financial news through magazines, newspapers, radio and television for the whole world. It is the most influential company in the world of financial markets. Michel has also been mayor of New York for three terms, and aims to run for the US presidency. In 2016, it was the first time to be among the 10 richest men in the world.

Larry Ellison – US $ 43.6 billion (US) – Oracle

Larry is co-founder and largest shareholder of Oracle Corporation, a multinational technology and computer valued at over 160 billion and 105,000 employees. In addition to owning 23% of Oracle, holds 46% of NetSuite and Leapfrog Enterprises shares, totaling a net worth of 37 billion. Also has 4.5 billion in equity / personal money. Among its luxury goods, there are 98% of an island in Hawaii, with yachts and hotels.

Mark Zuckerberg – US $ 44.6 billion (US) – Facebook

One of the best known people in this list, Mark became famous for being one of the founders of Facebook, the largest social network in the world. After the foundation in 2004 with only 19 years, its assets shot with growth and entry of Facebook in the Nasdaq stock exchange. Currently, 31 years old, married and with a daughter, Zuckerberg announced plans to donate 99% of its shares to charity during his lifetime. Facebook also acquired several companies on the rise, including the Oculus, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Jeff Bezos – US $ 45.2 billion (US) –

Bezos is CEO and founder of, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. He founded the company in 1994 and launched the site in 1995 with only 20 books sale. Obstinate the online field, he also acquired the Alexa Internet,, and the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). His latest acquisition was the newspaper The Washington Post for $ 250 million in 2013.
With 52 years, graduated in arts, he is married, has 4 children and residence in Seattle. It is the first time it appears among the 10 richest men in the world.

Carlos Slim – US $ 50 billion (Mexico) – America Movil

It was considered from 2007 to 2012, the richest man in the world , surprising the former owner of the post – Bill Gates. Carlos is a Mexican businessman of 75 years, graduated in engineering at a local university. He is the majority shareholder of the largest mobile operator of the Americas, America Movil (Claro, Embratel, Net). It currently has only 43% of the company corresponding to 40.8 billion (53% of his fortune). It also invests in various sectors, such as minerals (Minera Frisco), financial (Inbusa and CaixaBank group), tobacco (Philip Morris) and media (newspaper New York Times).

Warren Buffett – US $ 60.8 billion (US) – Berkshire Hathaway

This American 84, is one of the largest investors in the world. Unlike other billionaire that top 10, he founded no great company to be what it is. He has a nose for investing in the right companies. Through the holding company Berkshire Hathaway, which owns, controls stake in several company infrastructures, such as gas, electricity, railways and multinational companies that yielded higher than expected, as Coca-Cola, Gillette, American Express and Walt Disney.
In his will, promises to leave 83% of fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates, and while staying alive donates 5% to charity every summer.

Amancio Ortega – US $ 67 billion (Spain) – Zara

At age 78, the Spaniard Amancio Ortega is the richest resident of Europe with 59% share of the Inditex group, the largest textile retailer in the world. He owns the designer brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oyshio, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius with more than 5,000 stores in over 77 countries, including 35 in Brazil. His personal wealth is valued at 1.4 billion, mostly in real estate. The company is 90% ($ 53.1 b.) Of his fortune, and other private investments.

Bill Gates – US $ 75 billion (US) – Microsoft

Gates, as everyone knows, is the largest philanthropist in the world , agnostic, mogul, lives in excellence to its 59 years. In 2013 he recovered the position of richest man in the world after recovery of their actions. But he has been at the top of that list in 16 opportunities over the past 21 years.
He retired from the presidency of Microsoft to look after the interests of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a project directed more than 30 billion in social and humanitarian causes. Although owns 5% stock in Microsoft, its greatest asset is the actions managed by the holding company “Cascade Investment”, which include companies like Coca-Cola, Televisa, Ecolab, railway companies, hotels and resorts.

Top 10 most beautiful bays in the world

Top 10 most beautiful bays in the worldA bay is loosely defined as a body of water partially surrounded by land. Generally, the bays have calmer waters than the surrounding sea and are a good place for ships to shelter from weather.
When enough large and deep, the bays become natural harbors that are often of great economic importance and strategic. Many large cities in the world are located in a natural harbor. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most beautiful bays in the world.

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy, located on the Atlantic coast of Canada, is famous for its high tidal range. Because of the unique bay, the difference in water level between high tide and low tide can be as much as 16 meters. One of the best places to watch the tides are Hopewell Rocks, a series of sandstone towers topped by trees.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is one of two unique places used by cruise ships to stop in Antarctica. Therefore, it is one of the most visited areas of Antarctica. The bay is surrounded by mountains and glaciers strongly ice cliffs. Activities include cruise among icebergs with inflatable boats, visit a Chilean research station and penguin habitats photography

Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands is one of the most popular attractions in New Zealand. The picturesque area contains 144 islands, many secluded bays and some amazing beaches. This beautiful bay has plenty of marine life, including whales, penguins, dolphins and the big marlin

Bay of Kotor

Bay of Kotor is located in the southwest of Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most beautiful bays in Europe and often mistaken for an entry, but it is actually a submerged river canyon. The idyllic coast of Bay of Kotor is lined with numerous beaches, several tourist resorts and picturesque cities of Risan, Perast and Kotor

Phang Nga Bay

Located about 95 km from the island of Phuket, Phang Nga Bay is one of the most beautiful areas of Thailand. And consists of beautiful caves, water caves and limestone islands, some of which reach 300 meters high.
The most famous island in the bay is a calcareous rock called Ko Ping Kan, more commonly known as James Bond Island, which was presented in James Bond film, the Man with the Golden Gun.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is a major tourist attraction in Hong Kong and one of the world’s deepest container ports. The Bay offers stunning views of the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island on one side and the coast Tsim Sha Tsui another.
Victoria Harbour is also one of the world’s busiest ports with hundreds of ferries, reeds and speed boats running up and down the coast. One of the best ways to see the harbor is a trip on the Star Ferry.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is the natural harbor of Sydney, one of the cities most beautiful and liveable world. With its hundreds of bays, coves, beaches and waterways, the port adds to the scenic beauty of the city in a major way. The port also contains two of the most famous landmarks of the city, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay is located on the coast of California. The area around the bay, commonly known as the Bay Area, is the second largest urban area of the American West, with approximately 8 million inhabitants.
San Francisco is the financial center of the Bay Area, while San Jose is the most populous city. The bay contains many islands, including the small island of Alcatraz, which served as a prison until 1963 . The Golden Gate, which opens the bay to the Pacific Ocean, is crossed by the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Guanabara’s Bay

Guanabara Bay is a beautiful bay in southeastern Brazil. The bay is surrounded by tropical forests, beaches, rocks, the high mountains of Serra do Mar and the neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro.
The bay was discovered on January 1, 1502, the Portuguese explorer Gaspar de Lemos, who called Rio January, thinking it was a great river. The Guanabara name comes from the Tupi-Guarani language.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is located in the north of Vietnam, around a long coastline of 120 km. The bay is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam and has thousands of islands.
And each is covered by thick vegetation of the jungle, forming a spectacular sea limestone pillars. Several of the islands are hollow, with enormous caves, other islands include lakes and some support floating villages of fishermen.

Top 10 countries with the largest prison population in the world

Top 10 countries with the largest prison population in the worldAccording to the latest available data, 10.2 million people are imprisoned around the world, which means that 144 of every 100,000 people are held in prisons. The number represents an increase of approximately 20 to 35 percent compared to 15 years ago, when the prison population was 136 per 100,000.
In this selection are highlighted the 10 countries with the largest prison population in the world, according to the data Institute of Criminal Policy Research.

Indonesia – Population Incarcerated 161,692

In the country that is notorious by the death penalty to crimes related to the drug, the prison population has nearly doubled in the past 15 years, while prison capacity had an increase of less than 2%. The latest estimates show that the occupancy level is 148%, which makes the prison a hotbed for infectious diseases.

Turkey – Population Incarcerated 174,460

In 2015, Turkey had 222 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants, which is a three – fold increase compared with 2000. Despite the influx of prisoners, the number of prisoners slightly exceeds the capacity of the prison.
The current occupancy level is 101.7%, What do I do in Turkey, the lowest among the countries of the selection. Still, the Turkish correction system has many flaws including serious violation of human rights of prisoners.

Mexico – Population Incarcerated 225,138

Over the past 15 years, the prison population increased from 156 prisoners per 100,000 populations, to 212 in 2015. The report by the National Commission on Human Rights of Mexico highlighted various problems that seriously interfere with the operation of the correction system.
Including decreased ability prison, lack of security, mass murder and criminal activities behind bars. In 2015, the occupancy level in the Mexican prison was 125.7%, while in some prisons the number of prisoners exceeded the capacity by nearly 40%.

Iran – Population Incarcerated 225,624

Iran, the country that has one of the world’s most notorious correction systems, had 289 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants in 2014, which exceeded the capacity of the prisons by 61.2%. The torture, sexual abuse, mock executions are a daily reality for many prisoners, especially for those who are imprisoned for political reasons.

Thailand – Population Incarcerated 313,580

With more than 300,000 inmates in 2015, there were 465 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants. While in most prisons in the world, one of the main functions of the guards is to avoid clashes between prisoners, the Thai institutions, boxing fights between prisoners are allowed and encouraged by them.

India – Population Incarcerated 418,536

With only 33 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants, India has the lowest rate of prison population between the countries of this selection. Despite the low rate, India struggle with lack of prison capacity as all other countries here.
In 2014, the number of prisoners exceeded the capacity by 17.4% and in some prisons occupancy rate was more than 250%. In addition, two thirds of prisoners are pretrial detainees who spend time behind bars while waiting for sentence.

Brazil – Population Incarcerated 607,731

Over the past 15 years, the prison population in Brazil increased 160% to more than half a million prisoners in 2014. The increase in the number of prisoners was not followed by an increase in prison capacity, which can host more than half of the current prison population. This, along with Iran, Brazil has most overcrowded prisons among all countries of the selection.

Russian Federation – Population Incarcerated 642,444

The prison population almost halved in the last 15 years in Russia. While in 2000 there were just over 1 million prisoners in 2014 the number was 642,444. Russia is the only country of the team that did not reach its prison capacity. According to the latest available data from 2013, the occupancy rate is 94.2%.
The notoriety of the criminal Russian system dates back to the mid-18th century, when the Russian authorities started sending petty criminals and political opponents to Siberia, the hardest place parents.

China – Population Incarcerated 1657812

Officially there were around 1.6 million prisoners in China in 2014. However, it is possible that this number is much higher. There were more than 650,000 pre-trial detainees in 2009. If this was still the case in 2014, then the total prison population was over 2.3 million, which would put China at the beginning of this selection.

United States – Prison Population 2,217,000

More than 2.2 million prisoners. The United States ranqueiam as the second country by rate, which was 698 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants in 2013. The majority of the prison population is concentrated in state prison, followed by local jails and federal prisons. In addition, around 71,000 children were held in juvenile detention centers.

How To Deal With The Two Hair Textures During Capillary Transition

How To Deal With The Two Hair Textures During Capillary TransitionCapillary Transition is a process that goes from the abandonment of chemical straightening until the big chop, the final cut that brings back the natural hairs. If you would like to drop the chemical, but do not know how well you can read the step-by-step for those who want to take frizzy and definitive guide capillary transition. This post was born of the conversation I had with Juliana, who is a freshman in the Social Sciences, and is just now passing through capillary transition. In the conversation I had with her, I recalled of my anxieties and insecurities. So, I write this post with tips on how to deal with the two hair textures during capillary transition. (Thanks for the tip, Xu liana!)

Invest in hairstyles

At the beginning of my transition, when I still had long hair, I had many hairstyles, braids and cokes. As my mother would say, I invented a lot of fashion. I do not know if I would find these hairstyles may locos beautiful or not, and would not have the courage to teach them to you, but the fact is that I felt much safer when made. I remember the Carnival 2015 I was eight months’ natural root and did a wonderful braid that was highly praised. 🙂
The Mare shah has taught some beautiful and quick hairstyles that are ready in less than five minutes.

Wrap the smooth part with texturing

The texturing are techniques that make curls in the hair without heating dryer, flat iron or curling iron.
You do not need many things to texture hair. You can do through coconuts technique to only use gummy or hairpins. You can also bet on bighorns, which can be purchased at cosmetic stores, and are very cheap. Still, you can bob and twists. The Star already explained how does texturing.
It is the healthiest way to spend the transition, it does not dry out and not cause breaks in the hair. It is also the technique durability. If you are at a party, for example, and sweat, the curls do not collapse, as would occur with a brush or flat iron near the root.


The curling iron can be a legal option for special dates. However, we must remember that the curling iron is the wire in drying champion. I used baby lags once during my transition inhalator, in Christmas 2013, and I burned my neck skin as filament I have a burn check-mark today! It hurt a lot, gave an ugly hurt and I had to consult dermatologists. Now imagine what it should not do with your hair?
I am the disaster in person, and probably this type of burn does not happen to many people, but use baby lags wisely.

Brush or flat iron

It is an alternative also interesting, but less recommended, because in addition to respect their wires still difficult psychological process of acceptance of snails. Moreover, it is a lasting way in a very short wet day, and too bad for those who practice physical activities or enjoy dancing at parties, because the sweat mars sloshing just the part that is not smooth, which is the root.
If you choose to brush and flat iron, keep your hydrated wires and be sure to apply anti heat before brushing the big hair!

corn flour Hydration

The cornstarch hydration is known for potent power of volume reduction. It is a great ally in the first months of transition, it smooths the contrast between the new part and the flattened part of the hair. Already explain I on how to do it.

Bet on hair moorings with cloths and handkerchiefs

If I passed by again capillary transition, I certainly would have used scarves! Scarves and moorings are wonderful ways to disguise the difference between textures and Diver there. I learned to use them only after the transition, but I love it. It’s amazing also to bad hair day.

Note: scarf is not turban! If you are white, consider the cultural significance of resistance the use of turbans for black women.

10 Movies Based On Books That Won The Oscar

10 Movies Based On Books That Won The OscarThe Oscar is one of the most prestigious awards in the global film industry!
But few people know that many of the stories that touched people by theaters around the world are adaptations of literary works . We selected the 10 films based on books that won the Oscar statuettes and consecrated themselves forever as the great classics of world cinema. Check it!

1. The Godfather ( The Godfather )

This classic film, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, was released in 1972 and nominated for nine categories of Oscar 1973: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Sound Mixing, Best Costume Design, best Editing and best Soundtrack.
“The Godfather” took the award for Best Film , Best Actor (Marlon Brando) and Best Adapted Screenplay .
This film was based on the book “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo , initially released in 1969.

2. Schindler’s List ( Schindler’s List )

Directed by Steven Spielberg, “Schindler’s List” is one of the most exciting films about the Holocaust!
Launched in 1993, this American film was nominated for twelve categories Oscar 1994 .
Among all indications, “Schindler’s List” won seven awards : Best Film, Best Director (Steven Spielberg), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction.
The film ‘s screenplay is based on the novel Schindler’s Ark , Australian Thomas Keneally , initially released in 1982.

3. A Cuckoo’s Nest ( One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest )

This film is based on the novel ” One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest ” ( “A Cuckoo’s Nest”, in translation to Brazil), of Ken Kesey and released in 1962.
The film version was directed by Miloš Forman and released in 1975.
At the Oscar 1976, the film was nominated for nine categories, winning five : Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Jack Nicholson), Best Actress (Louise Fletcher) and Best Adapted Screenplay.

4. Hamlet

The classic play written by iconic English poet William Shakespeare between 1599 and 1602, won his first film adaptation in 1948.
Directed by Laurence Olivier, Hamlet was nominated in seven categories in the Oscar1949.
It won four awards: Best Film, Best Costume Design – Black and White, Best Art Direction – Black and White, and Best Actor (Laurence Olivier).

5. Where No Country ( No Country for Old Men )

Directed by the Coen brothers (Ethan Coen and Joel Coen), “Where No Country,” released in 2007, it was inspired by the work ” No Country for Old Men ” by Cormac McCarthy .
At the award in 2008, this film won four statuettes in the categories of Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Javier Bardem) and Best Adapted Screenplay.

6. Dances with Wolves ( Dances With Wolves )

Based on the book ” Dances With Wolves ,” North American authors Michael Blake , “Dances with Wolves” was a great success, being nominated for twelve categories in the Oscar 1991 .
Directed by Kevin Costner, the film won seven awards : Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Original Score, Best Sound Effects and Best Adapted Screenplay.

7. The English Patient ( The Patient Inglês )

“The English Patient”, directed by Anthony Minghella, was winner of nine awards at the 1997 Oscar .
This film was based on the homonymous work ( ” The Inglês Patient “), Canadian Michael Ondaatje.
The awards won were: Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (Juliette Binoche), Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Editing, Best Sound Drama Score and Best Sound Mixing.

8. Grand Hotel ( Grand Hotel )

Another must – see classic for admirers of the seventh art! “Great Hotel”, released in 1932 and directed by Edmund Goulding was the big winner of the Best Film in the delivery of the Oscars in 1932 .
The film is based on the novel Menschen im Hotel (original title), published in 1929 and written by the Austrian writer Vicki Baum .

9. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ( The Return of the King )

This is one of the films with the most nominations and awards received the Oscar award in history!
“The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” is the third and final film in the series “Lord of the Rings.” Directed by Peter Jackson, this classic fantasy statuettes won eleven awards in 2004!
All films in the series “The Lord of the Rings” were based on the books of JRR Tolkien , English writer awarded. The last book of this series ( The Return of the King ) was first published in 1955.
In total, the film was nominated for 11 categories, winning all : Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction, Best Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup, Best Sound Mixing, Best Soundtrack and Best Original Song.

10. The Pianist ( The Pianist )

The exciting autobiography of the Polish musician Wladyslaw Szpilman was the basis for the creation of this film, directed by the renowned Roman Polanski .
“The Pianist” was nominated for seven categories of Oscar 2003 winning as Best Director (Roman Polanski), Best Actor (Adrien Brody) and Best Adapted Screenplay.
The Szpilman’s memoirs were first published in the book ” Death of a City ” ( Smierc Miasta, original title).